Heat Exchanger Design (HED)

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    Founded in 1984, Heat Exchanger Design, Inc. has grown from a small 1-2 person organization, primarily assisting customers with thermal design to a sizable manufacturing facility employing 50+ people. Additionally, HED is proud to offer the services of some of the industry’s top engineers, having assembled a design team that is both innovative and flexible when it comes to the customer’s needs.Visit Our New Site!

Heat Exchanger Design, Inc. has and continues to service a worldwide customer base for pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

HED, Inc. is an ASME authorized manufacturer.  We design and fabricate heat exchangers and pressure vessels according to TEMA, API, ASME Section I and VIII, Division I, and other industry recognized standards as well as offering full compliance with customer specification.  We also provide the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels Inspectors Registration for any vessels manufactured according to ASME code. For our customers based in Canada, we have had extensive experience in obtaining CRNs.

Types of Heat Exchangers Heat Exchanger Design can provide are :

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers:
Heat Exchanger Design, Inc. offers shell and tube exchangers starting at 2" IPS in all TEMA types. We design and fabricate to ASME code and TEMA standards. Our shell and tube line utilizes bare tube (straight and u-tubes), helical low-fin outside, longitudinal fins (inside & outside are available). These exchangers are suitable for a variety of applications and are offered in fixed tube sheets or removable bundles. The surface area ranges from (1) square foot to 40,000 square feet. Pressure range is from full vacuum to over 14,000 PSI (limited by size, material and design condition).

HED- Fuel Gas Heater for GE turbine     HED- High Pressure Shell & Tube for offshore installation      HED- Tube Bundle and Insertion

Hairpin Heat Exchangers:
HEAT EXCHANGER DESIGN,INC. offers a complete line of Hairpin Exchangers. These exchangers provide true counter-current flow and are especially suitable for extreme temperature crossing, high pressure, high temperature, and low to moderate surface area requirements.
Our Hairpin Exchangers are available in single tube (Double Pipe) or multiple tubes within a hairpin shell (Multitube), bare tubes, finned tubes, U-tubes, straight tubes (with rod-thru capability), fixed tube sheets and removable bundle. The surface area ranges from (1) square foot to 6,000 square feet (Finned tubes).

Pressure capabilities are full vacuum to over 14,000 PSI (limited by size, material, and design condition). Hairpin Exchangers are designed and fabricated per ASME code, and TEMA standards.