Standard Xchange

Century Series Units - Xylem, Standard Xchange, ITT Standard

Visit Our New Site!The Century Series can meet TEMA "B", "C", and "R" specifications. Along with ASME Section VIII Div. 1 "U" stamp and ASME Section III "N" stamp. Single or multi-pass tube arrangements are available for maximum efficiency over a wide variety of tube flow volumes.An expansion joint can be added to some of these models to compensate for severe temperature differentials. Standard shell sizes from 3 inches through 31 inches in diameter; with custom designs up to 60 inches in diameter. These units can be constructed from many different materials.

Century Series Units-Brochure
(C100) TEMA type AEP or BEP Straight tube, removable bundle, outside-packed floating head.
(C200) TEMA type AEM,BEM or NEN; Straight tube, fixed tubesheet, removable channel or bonnet, or (C210) integral channel
(C300) TEMA type AEU or BEU; U-tube, removable bundle or (C320) Suction-heater (open-end shell) construction
(C400) TEMA type AET or BET; Straight tube, internally bolted floating head, pull through construction with removable bundle
(C500) TEMA type AES or BES; Straight tube, internal clamp split ring, floating head, removable bundle

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